Phone tracking and advanced navigation.

Here at Kamolon we are exacted to learn new stuff every day and this post will be mainly focused about advanced phone tracing and tracking. Many companies in the United States use vehicle and mobile trackers to easily locate their company property on a map. Other organizations use these methods in case of an emergency or theft. One of our employees lost his new iPhone recently and he was really sad that there wasn’t any way to locate it and track it. That’s why we got interested in developing and maintaining navigation technology especially phone tracking and advanced cell phone locating. We didn’t knew where to start and for a moment we believed that it might be not possible to actually track phones without setting up any special apps or spend a lot of money.¬†fortunately for us, we were wrong and here is why.

We here at Kamolon invited Jonathan Brelovsky CEO of Phone Tracker to ask him how does all of these phone tracker methods work. We did had a nice chat and we learned a lot of new stuff, stuff that we never thought was possible. First we never knew that track phone with just a number was possible. Mr Brelovsky told us that every phone number has a unique tracking ID which contains the current longitude and latitude coordinates of a phone number. With this data we were able to project any phone on a map, displaying it’s location. We asked him how does this work and when he explained it, we felt so stupid. Apparently all mobile phones have to have their tracking ID publicly available in case of any emergency tracking. Getting the tracking ID of a mobile phone is very hard, but lucky for us there is an online tool available, called Track Phone that does just that. It scans all open signals from the phone number to the mobile operator and when it finds the tracking ID it displays it’s location on a map. So we tried their service which is free and we were amazed, I started entering all my friends phone numbers to instantly check them were they are, I also entered some of my old numbers but they weren’t working. However Jonathan told us not to play with that tool a lot as according to their Terms and Service, privacy is taken very strictly. You may only check your own phone numbers or someone else phone number only if you have their permission which is a bummer.

We also wanted to find out if that was possible with an IMEI code, unfortunately Mr. Brelovsky told us that this method no longer works. However they are trying to make a similar method that might work, but as he said that will be a story for another time. Until then keep an eye for our navigation reviews and as always, thanks for reading.

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